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What is Smash Factor Golf Coaching?

Committed to your learning, development, and delivering you the results you want

Smash Factor golf coaching was born out of necessity – the necessity to accommodate the ever growing numbers of golfers seeking out the coaching expertise, simple clarity and structured guidance that was being offered by Natalie Adams PGA Teaching Professional... Read More

When golfers make improvements, noticeable improvements, their playing partners talk. Then other golfers talk and word of mouth soon spreads. When asked what had happened to their game or what the difference was with their game and how they had achieved it, the answer was always the same “….I’ve started working with Natalie Adams”... Read More

So Natalie’s reputation for being able to successfully transform any golfers game, grew locally, nationally and then globally. It became necessary to develop a way of connecting with the increase in demand for the combination of Natalie’s expert knowledge, effective communication and ability to transform the way that you play golf.

Needing surgery you’d want the very best – developing your golf game is exactly the same

Smash Factor golf coaching realises that all golfers are individuals, who all have different physiques and all move differently. There isn’t one right way to swing a golf club and we understand that its not about having a pretty swing. Its about how your movements and swing perform and the results that are produced. Golf swings are as unique and different as all of us, and we help you to make yours a functional, repetitive and pain free movement that will serve you in the long term.

Different Backswings

More important than how you hit the ball is how many times you hit it

Smash Factor golf coaching became the answer and provided a platform for Natalie to deliver her coaching philosophy, to reach out and connect with golfers around the globe. These golfers were:

  • Frustrated at the lack of progress in their game
  • Disappointed with their previous golf coaching experience
  • Tired of switching from one instructor to another all the time
  • Disillusioned with the promise of the magic lesson
  • Prepared to put the work in, but unsure of what they needed to focus on

Smash Factor golf coaching is a result of Natalie combining all of her knowledge and expertise acquired over twenty five years from a dedication to research and learning of different swing concepts and theories, techniques from the greatest coaches and players, motor learning theory, skill acquisition, biomechanics, body movement, learning style theories, effective communication and psychology, culminating in successful individualised solutions for all golfers that she works with. Natalie has invested her time and energy into becoming one of the best golf coaches in the world and is never content with not being able to resolve issues or achieve full player development.

We can help you transform your game, we have earned that reputation from our students

Current Smash Factor golf coaching clients

  • Business owners
  • Complete beginners
  • Club members
  • Corporate executives
  • County and National players
  • Premier league footballers
  • Ex England football manager
  • Multiple gold medal winning Olympian
  • DJs, presenters, soap stars and TV personalities

Expert golf coaching, structured and clear improvement pathways, focused guidance and mentoring

The Smash Factor golf coaching approach is all about stripping away the compensations that your body is having to make and finding the root cause of where the golf movement chain breaks down. It could be in your set up position, your backswing or your downswing, but by identifying and then improving that one priority piece it reduces all of the other compensatory movements being made as a result. Its about stripping away and making it simple.

Smash Factor golf coaching is a modern approach to simplifying and delivering the most current and up to date knowledge of swing concepts, mechanics, how movement patterns and balance link together, the effect of speed, pressure and force on these movements mixed with how individuals learn, acquire and develop skill and the most effective ways to communicate to provide clear, structured, easy to follow development programmes and solutions that will transform your game.

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The Smash Factor golf coaching promise to you.

  • Gain a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve
  • Obtain a complete analysis of where you currently are
  • Obtain a thorough understanding of your movement patterns and range of motion
  • Identification of the root cause priority issue
  • An adaption to your learning style
  • A structure and order for your development and progression
  • To provide support and guidance all the way
  • To provide the skill and ability that conveys the solution with clarity and simplicity

Understand it all logically but struggling to move differently? We can help translate