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One to One Coaching – In Person

One to One game improvement sessions allow you to develop your golf in person at a suitable date, time and pace to suit your schedule. We have combined our knowledge and expertise in many different fields in order to create a more coherent development picture for you as a golfer. Great golf is much more than just the way you swing the club. You do need to develop a functional and repetitive technique plus improve your skill and your strategic and psychological strength as well.

At Smash Factor golf coaching we will take you through an initial assessment, where we will gain an insight and understanding into the help that you need from us. We will discuss where you currently feel you are and what has brought you to come to work with us and become part of the Smash Factor team. We will also discuss what it is that you are wanting to improve and achieve and where you envisage this will take you.

Use our combined knowledge and expertise to transform your golf

Once we have identified your needs, desires and goals we will assess your current position. In doing this we will assess your current movement and technique plus your current skill level and how you approach your training sessions and we will ensure you have a thorough understanding of what is causing your current issue(s). Once we have made this assessment and we have obtained all the necessary information and data, we will then create a personalised improvement plan and discuss this with you, adapting wherever necessary to ensure you have the clear development steps that are required. We will strip away the complexities and compensations in your game to find the root cause that is the priority part requiring improvement. Once identified and improved, the resulting movement will connect everything simply together.

Your brain needs understanding but your body needs feeling, we help you translate

We will then create a development pathway with your input on commitment levels, available time and a realistic schedule and set specific goals and dates for the changes needed that you will be working towards achieving. We will help you to translate your new mental/logical understanding into actual movement and feelings, as these are what your body needs in order to make the necessary changes. We will create engaging and challenging environments for you to work in whilst developing those feelings and changes and we will monitor your progress, providing feedback and clarity and all of the support you need to develop and progress. We will replicate the playing environment to create pressure, focus and develop resilience within your training, helping you to develop trust and confidence in your new movements so that you can perform when out on the golf course.

More important than how you hit the ball is how many times you hit it

We will reassess and adapt your development programme wherever necessary to keep you on track and help you all the way as you transform your game with purpose and focus.

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Following your initial assessment your coach will be able to advise you further as to the length and frequency suitable for subsequent sessions. We work as a team, with you as an individual, all of our improvement programmes are designed around your individual personal needs.