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Who is Natalie Adams?

Natalie is a AA class Level 3 PGA Professional, specialising in coaching, with over 25 years of experience. She has dedicated her time and energy to gaining knowledge and understanding through researching every swing concept and theory, the techniques of the greatest coaches and players, individual body movement and biomechanics, how to acquire and develop skill, how students learn most quickly and effectively and how to communicate with clarity and simplicity. Natalie nurtures and develops all levels of talent from complete beginner, club, county, national players, weekend enthusiast through to professional level. Based at the Smash Factor Golf Coaching studio in Cheshire, covering the North West of England, the Midlands and North Wales, Natalie continually strives to develop her wealth of golf and coaching improvement knowledge. It’s not uncommon for Natalie to have clients flying in from across the globe to spend time improving their game, and for those who are unable to have coaching in person Natalie offers a comprehensive online coaching programme.

Relaxed, personable and enthusiastic coaching style

She is at the forefront of delivering the highest levels of knowledge and experience and continues to learn and improve her coaching style to deliver the highest quality improvement sessions that she adapts to each individual client. Natalie provides all her clients with an incredible learning and improvement experience in every session, and whenever required takes her coaching to the next level by accessing advanced data based coaching technology including: TrackMan 4 club and ball impact data, BodiTrak force/pressure and balance data, MySwing Golf full 3D avatar movement analysis and HackMotion 3D wrist angle measurement.

State of the art information, thoroughly analysed and delivered in a simple and easy to understand manner

Natalie is also TPI certified so understands how the body moves and functions and is able to fully screen each client’s individual body movements and relate this to how it impacts their golf swing.

The use of these tools and the data generated provides Natalie with the perfect foundation for a thorough swing analysis and diagnosis, which is then delivered to her clients in a simple, relaxed, enjoyable and easy to understand format. Natalie strips away the compensations and finds the root cause which is the priority part of the swing to improve. This could be in your set up position, backswing, transition or downswing, but by improving that one part in the chain of movement it reduces all the other compensatory movements being made. It’s all about stripping away and making it simple. Natalie then uses simple and straight forward improvement drills that provide valuable feedback, clients can then quickly achieve their most efficient, optimal, repeatable swing action.

Retrain and improve your technique and skill, perform on demand, achieve your potential

Prior to becoming a PGA golf professional Natalie achieved a Joint honours degree in Law and Geography. She then went on to complete a Higher Diploma in Law, Medical ethics and research and lectured Law in higher education for several years, gaining invaluable teaching experience, before choosing to turn professional and coach golf.

Natalie combines all of her experience and wealth of knowledge to deliver simple solutions

  • Director of Coaching Smash Factor golf coaching
  • Head PGA teaching professional at The Mere golf resort and spa
  • Director of Coaching for Staffordshire County Academy
  • 100,000+ golfers helped and advised
  • 150,000+ improvement lessons delivered
  • Over 3,000 hours of continuing professional development
  • Trackman certified
  • TPI certified
  • Boditrak certified
  • Golf Lab certified
  • V1 golf certified
  • Gravity Fit golf certified
  • MySwing 3D golf swing analyst
  • Diploma in Sports Psychology
  • Swing Speed trainer
  • Game analysis and performance profiler
  • Inner game mentor
  • Ground force reaction analyst
  • Hurrion putting coach
  • Results driven, goal setter

Transformational coaching options specifically designed to meet your needs

Please choose from one of the following in-person or remote golf coaching options to begin developing your golf game today. Which ever option suits your needs, we guarantee your improvement.

Smash Factor golf coaching will guide & support your progress & enjoyment all the way.