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Smash Factor Studio and Technology

The place where you learn influences how effectively and efficiently you learn

At Smash Factor Golf Coaching we take pride in being able to offer you the perfect learning and improvement environment. Your learning environment is key to your success and the quality of your learning. Based at the American Golf National Academy, a 24 bay covered and floodlit driving range, with 12 outfield target greens and Top Tracer ball tracking technology, located within High Legh Park Golf Club, Cheshire. Within this facility Smash Factor golf coaching has a specifically designed and engineered studio capable of supporting and pushing your learning and development capacity.

The perfect learning and improvement experience

We have achieved the perfect learning and improvement experience by combining the latest state of the art coaching technology with both the perfect learning and improvement environment and a supportive learning culture for you to feel connected with.

  • Comfortable, relaxed and spacious setting
  • Positive ambience encouraging motivation and engagement
  • Stylish modern décor
  • Completely private and undisturbed
  • Complete State of the art technology
  • Pleasant and positive atmosphere
  • Covered and protected against all the elements
  • Full ball flight view
  • Designed to adapt to changing weather conditions – cool in the summer, warm in the winter
  • Spacious, well lit
  • An atmosphere conducive to gaining knowledge and skill
  • Keep interested and engrossed, become adaptive and interactive
  • Experience our interaction and sense of support

Helping learners feel comfortable, involved and responsive in their participation

The state of the art Smash Factor golf coaching studio offers golfers of all abilities a fully integrated solution combining environment with leading technology. Coaching and learning has moved into the modern age and at Smash Factor golf coaching we monitor the conditions that create improved golf shots which cannot be seen by the human eye alone. Having instant feedback from the different forms of technology will allow you to easily modify your movement in a simple and effective way, whilst you learn the feeling of the improved movement to maximise your performance.

  • High speed USB 3 cameras capturing 140 frames per second
  • Video analysis software providing ultraslow no blur picture quality visual feedback powered by V1 golf
  • We simultaneously film from head on and down the line for both right and left handed golfers
  • Two 42 inch wall mounted monitors allowing us to display all film and data to help you visually learn
  • V1 golf branded academy – allowing us to record and voice over a summary video for every improvement session. This is held in your own personal online locker and can be reviewed anytime from anywhere to enhance your learning.
  • Huxley golf PTT2 surface mat to strike from – the nearest felling possible to hitting from grass plus you can use your own tee height
  • Trackman 4 launch monitor captures every detail of club and ball at impact, providing analysis and diagnosis with data based confidence.
  • MySwing 3D motion capture. Create a full 3D avatar in just minutes with the wireless lightweight 17 sensor full body system. See the things you cant see with cameras or your eyes. Provides bio feedback to player and makes it easy to make the necessary adjustments.
  • BodiTrak designed to address the core biomechanics and concepts about how a golfer uses the ground. A portable force plate that provides analysis and training from the ground up.
  • HackMotion. Tracks, measures and analyses wrist alignment in 3D. Provides bio feedback to player and makes it easy to make the necessary adjustments.
  • GravityFit. A revolutionary strengthening and stability programme for spine, shoulder and core providing immediate useful feedback on correct positions, posture and movement.
  • Golf fitness X. Resistance and assistance training, for golf fitness, speed training and swing drills. Improve posture, rotation, separation, weight shift and balance and swing plane. Helps improve flexibility, mobility, strength and stability and improves your feel with co-ordination, range of motion, speed of motion and muscle contraction.

Accelerate your learning process by combining “Feel” with “Real”

Our technology is portable and available for non-studio sessions which we can deliver via our outdoor facilities. We have access to three complete short game facility areas including sloped putting green, separate chipping area with bunker play facilities and an 80 yard pitching area into a USGA green. We also have 27 holes of golf available for on course sessions.

Transformational coaching options specifically designed to meet your needs

Please choose from one of the following in-person or remote golf coaching options to begin developing your golf game today. Which ever option suits your needs, we guarantee your improvement.

Smash Factor golf coaching will guide & support your progress & enjoyment all the way.