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Online Coaching Video Programmes

Smash Factor online golf coaching programmes have been specifically designed to help you upgrade your current ability and skill set so that you can take your golf to a whole new level. Our coaching programmes provide you with an online golf education platform , where you can access the expertise and knowledge that you need to improve your golf. At Smash Factor golf coaching we won’t allow any obstacles or barriers to prevent you from progressing with your golf game and that is why we have created our online coaching programme options to provide you with alternative solutions to accessing the uninterrupted, forward momentum and expertise that you need to transform your game. If you can’t come to us we will bring our coaching programmes to you.

Learn the techniques and skills needed to develop and improve your game

Break through the barriers that have previously held you back so that you can transform your golf game, at your own pace, by following our easy to understand instructional video programmes. These programmes provide you with a breakdown of specific areas to target and work on, to help you achieve the improvement you want. They provide you with the technical guidance and the expertise required to transform your golf game, using easy to follow instructional videos, that include technique, skill development games and a step by step training schedule. Easily teach yourself the skills you need to develop and transform your golf game.

  • Discover the technical knowledge and expertise that you need to transform your golf game
  • Programmes that provide improvement solutions for every area of your golf game
  • Step by step easy to follow guided improvement programmes
  • Use our skill development games to improve not only your technique but your ability and skill level as well
  • Learn how to practice and train to enhance your game
  • Coaching programmes available 24/7
  • Watch at your own convenience
  • Follow at your own pace
  • Trusted and proven golf development programmes that guarantee to transform your game
  • The cost efficient and flexible alternative to in person golf coaching
  • New programmes added regularly for you to access
  • One time payment for lifetime access to your chosen programme

Easy to follow step by step guides that will transform your game

Online Coaching Video Programmes

  • £19.95 per programme
  • £49.95 to access 3 programmes of your choice


If you would like a more personal one to one online golf coaching experience with full access to the improvement support that we can provide please click here.

Alternatively if you would like a more real time experience with us why not try our webinars.