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One to One Coaching – Online

More than just online golf analysis, a complete mentoring programme of golf development

Natalie coaches hundreds of golfers from all across the globe who want to access her invaluable expertise, precision analysis and simple, effective result producing guidance. Clients regularly fly in to spend a complete week transforming their game or drive over to spend a few hours or a day to experience the changes that Natalie is able to deliver. If travelling to work with Natalie at her Smash Factor golf coaching studio is not an option for you, then one of Natalie’s online golf coaching and mentoring programmes will work perfectly for you.

Geography does not have to be a barrier that holds you back

You need and want the best quality golf instruction and online golf coaching is increasingly becoming a popular way to access golf instruction from the very best golf coaches around the world. Natalie provides you with more than just a complicated video analysis that will confuse you even more. She provides you with various specifically tailored online options to choose from that provide you with clarity, support and an alternative way to connect and access her invaluable knowledge and sought after expertise.

Connect now with the best online golf swing analyst, coach and mentor and begin your improvement journey today

Just like taking a one to one studio session with online golf video analysis you receive a complete, clear and simple explanation that breaks down your current golf swing movement to identify the “root cause” priority improvement issue. Clear, concise and delivering an easy to follow improvement pathway you will receive specific personalised drills and relevant examples and the option of full support and mentoring guidance to answer any questions, provide clarity whenever required, to keep you on track all the way.

More than just online golf analysis, Natalie provides you with access to your own personal golf expert and mentor, who is with you all the way on your journey to successfully develop your golf game.

Trusted golf instruction and mentoring programmes the world over

Flexible ways to work with Natalie face to face and personally by connecting online.

Option 1

  • 1 x video analysis
  • Development drills and relevant examples
  • Follow up real time video call Q&A to provide clarity
  • _
  • £29.95
  • 6 month access £149.95


Option 2

  • 2 x video analysis (to be used over a 4 week period)
  • Development drills and relevant examples
  • Follow up real time video call Q&A to provide clarity
  • PLUS 2 floating videos/call or combination of both
  • £59.95
  • 6 month access £299.95


  • Personalised online locker to hold your lessons in one convenient place
  • 24/7 video locker access from anywhere in the world
  • Strike from the sweet spot
  • Concise, clear and accurate movement analysis
  • Voiced over personalised video
  • Personalised improvement drills and relevant examples
  • Realtime video call support to provide clarity and support quickly
  • Choose a time to suit your schedule
  • Develop and improve your golf game anywhere that you want
  • Progress at your own pace
  • 24hr video analysis response time
  • Just 1 click away via a device always at hand
  • A programme committed to delivering your learning, development and results

Your golf improvement success creates my golf coaching and mentoring success


1. Download the V1 golf app and create an account

2. Record your swing using the app from both down the line and head on

Head On and Down the Line

3. Send your videos to the Smash Factor golf academy

4. Make payment via the Smash Factor website

5. Your online golf development programme begins here within 24 hours of payment receipt

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