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With winter approaching and the days getting shorter you don’t have to hibernate! Smash Factor is giving you the opportunity to be productive during the shorter daylight hours.

Do something invigorating, enjoyable and gain a sense of achievement by joining our 5 week Get into Golf programme that is running from Sunday 8th November 1-2pm – it’s the perfect tonic for beating the winter blues. Simply click the register now button for more details and to sign up.

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Get into Golf

For those of you looking for a more relaxed, friendly, social, learning environment, then Get into Golf group coaching is for you.


You can experience coaching with other complete beginners, those who have had only a few lessons before, or those who are returning to the game after a break.

Get into Golf provides you with very simple, easy to follow instructions that absolutely everyone can achieve. The programme initially gives you a taste of golf by covering putting, chipping and hitting 1/2 shots in a 5 week course. It takes you through all the basics and technical elements required to play these shots successfully, as well as introducing you to the right way to approach enjoying golf and getting the most from yourself and the sport. Classes are really enjoyable and achievable and you will get to meet other people at a similar level to yourself.

Once you have completed the initial 5 week course, the programme then moves onto the next 5 weeks, where you will learn all the necessary to get you hitting full shots.

The programme then progresses onto using different clubs and what they are for and then gets you out onto the golf course with your new social circle of friends.

There is support and help all the way through the programme, covering what to wear when playing, etiquette to follow when out on the course, basic rules of the game, even how to join a club.

The Get into Golf programme takes you as far as you want to go with your golf. Whether you just want a taste of golf to see if it’s for you, or to unltimately join a club and play in competitions, it will guide you as far you want.

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