Smash Factor continually strives to driver the highest quality learning environment appropriate to each player that we work with, during every session. Following an initial assessment you will receive a thorough and expert analysis of your game and specific areas for improvement.

Your Smash Factor coach will help you to achieve all of your goals and take you beyond what you believed possible, by developing a individual improvement programme designed specifically for whatever your needs may be. This will be delivered through simple, effective, easy to follow instruction with corrective drills, that will allow you to improve your movement, develop your skill and actually change and improve your game.

Learn to hit longer, more accurately and more consistently
Play well from awkward lies
Control your shot shape and trajectory
Take fewer shots around the green by improving the distance control and accuracy in your chipping, pitching and bunker play
Learn how to hole more putts and improve your green reading
Achieve and improve your short game handicap
Improve your on course strategy, decision making and shot commitment
Be definite about your club yardages and shot length
Use an effective pre shot routine
Learn about confidence and how to become more positive
Improve your attitude and thinking towards your golf
Learn how to practice/train yourself much more efficiently and effectively to achieve the results you want on the golf course
Use the Trackman combo test feature to see how good you actually are
Lower your scores
Enjoy your game more

Initial assessment

Before designing a development programme for you to follow, your Smash Factor coach will initially assess your game, skill level, technique and current performance level.
Following this, your Smash Factor coach will also discuss your personal goals and objectives and then design a programme for you to follow, helping you to achieve your desired outcomes as easily and efficiently as possible.

Technical improvement

All technical development sessions capture your technique by recording your movement using the latest in high speed cameras and then analysing this using the #1 motion analysis system in sport powered by V1. This provides you with a detailed, slow motion analysis of your current movement, giving you a thorough understanding of your current technique. Your swing can then be compared to any of today’s leading tour players allowing you a complete comparison in technique and aiding your understanding and learning further. Trackman launch monitor provides both you and your Smash Factor coach detailed information on how you as an individual deliver the golf club to the ball through impact. BodiTrak Pressure Mat provides balance distribution and centre of pressure data as you swing, capturing your balance patterns and allowing you to know where your weight is and where it should be throughout your swing. Having both of these data providers gives you instant feedback and allows you to easily understand and modify your swing, in a simple and effective way, whilst you learn the feeling of the correct movement, that will maximise your performance.

Following your initial analysis, your new understanding and swing thoughts are then turned into swing feelings with the introduction of specific exercises and drills as appropriate. This helps the efficiency of your learning with the newly required movement pattern.

Explanar golf coaching is also available.
This is a complete improvement system based around your swing plane and body biomechanics. It promotes the ideal movements required in the swing and allows you to be more accurate, powerful and consistent by actually feeling exactly what is required.

Attitude & mental approach – complement your technical ability

There is alot more to becoming a great golfer than just technical swing alone. There are certain skills that are essential to develop, that complement your technical ability and influence your performance positively.

There are 6 elements that have an influence on your performance – physical, technical, mental, emotional, social and spirit of the game. Most golfers know this but do not, or do not know how, to actually train and develop these additional skills alongside their technique. If these skills are not developed in balance with your technical ability, they end up sabotaging your technical ability when you are out on the golf course.

Learn how to perform better and improve your scores out on the golf course by not only improving your swing technically, but by learning how to manage your mind and emotional resiliance, be “present” when playing shots, be decisive and commit to the decision you make, have the correct rhythm and relaxation within your swing, store the memories of your shots correctly and manage your self-talk.

Developing and improving these additional skills to complement your technique, will help you to become a better player of the game of golf and help you to shoot lower scores on the golf course.

Finesse shots – anything less than a full swing

Do you hit the ball better than those aropund you, but they have a lower handicap than you?

Ever wondered why that is?

Finesse shots. Chipping, pitching, bunker play, lob shots. Any shot that goes in the air and is less than a full swing is a finesse shot and these are the shots that make the difference. These are the shots that get you close enough for a one putt.

How you hit the ball is important, your long game must not be costing you shots. But your long game must be backed up by a great short game.

More important than how you hit the ball, is how many times you hit it!

Learn how to get the scoring advantage & how to hole that putt.

Coaching & training programmes

95% of golfers practice but do not improve!

This is purely due to golfers not practicing what they actually need to do in order to perform on the golf course.

Learn the essentials of how to train yourself correctly, so that you hit every shot with purpose and focus. Learn appropriate skill development games & scoring systems so that you can monitor your training and actually view your skill development improvement and progress, as your training scores come down.

Learn how to make your golf training as specific as possible to how you actually play golf. Replicate playing environment, pressure, focus, attitude….the list goes on!

Be in that 5% of players who actually improve

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Transformational coaching options specifically designed to meet your needs

Please choose from one of the following in-person or remote golf coaching options to begin developing your golf game today. Which ever option suits your needs, we guarantee your improvement.

Smash Factor golf coaching will guide & support your progress & enjoyment all the way.