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With this Smash Factor golf coaching video tip and drill, Natalie Adams shows you how to improve your current golf swing back swing movement so that you are making the best golf swing possible. This drill gets you creating width in your backswing and your follow through, gets you rotating your body much better and improves the connection between between your body rotation and arms, preventing you from pulling your trail elbow around your body and seeing that dreaded flying trail elbow at the top of your back swing, which results in you struggling to move well and rotate your body through impact.

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Hitting from the inside is something all golfers aspire to do. It helps you achieve maximum power and distance on your golf shots, improves strike and connection with the golf ball and will allow you to hit a beautiful draw and control the direction of your golf shots. Here’s a really simple drill you can set up on the range to encourage that in to out golf swing.

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Natalie of Smash Factor golf coaching is back out on the course with this video. Every golfer no matter what handicap level will at times find themselves getting into trouble off the tee and ending up in the deep rough. It’s absolutely crucial to ensure your recover well and in just one shot if you are going to keep a big number off your score card. Here we look at the key points with what’s needed for a successful shot and also some strategy for effective golf scoring.