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COMPRESS YOUR IRONS – compress the golf ball better & improve your impact position

Full Swing - down swing, Full Swing - how to hit golf shots further, Full Swing - movement through impact, Improve your ball strike, Stop hitting fat golf shots

COMPRESS YOUR IRONS – compress the golf ball better & improve your impact position. With this golf tip video, Natalie Adams from Smash Factor golf coaching shows you a really simple way to improve your impact position, get your hands ahead of the golf club through impact, so that you can compress the golf ball much better and improve you strike with your irons. This drill will massively help you to improve your movement through impact, by allowing you to experience the feeling of a better down swing and movement through impact. PLUS you can fix any over the top movement at the same time – 2 drills in 1!!

Video tags: #ball compression #impact position #irons #Over the top

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