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Full Swing - movement through impact, How to hit straighter golf shots, Improve your golf game, Stop your slice, What your arm rotation should do in the golf swing

Every golfer wants to hit more accurate golf shots at the target. If you are someone who needs to hit the golf ball straighter then this video is for you. Here Natalie Adams from Smash Factor Golf Coaching shows you how to get your club face more under control and improve your club path as well, with a really simple club face and path drill, that you can work on at the range.

Video tags: #club face control #golf ball straight #hit straighter #square club face

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Great timing and tempo are crucial for you to make your best golf swing – but what does that mean and how do you achieve it? In this video Natalie Adams from Smash Factor golf coaching explains exactly what you are trying to time and the elements of your golf swing that you need to synchronise together and when, to create a great rhythm and tempo in order to produce your best golf shots when you are at the range and especially when you are playing out on the golf course.


Falling off balance after hitting your golf shots is a very common issue for many golfers. However the way in which you fall off balance during your golf swing can give you a lot of information about what exactly is happening with your movement and balance as you swing. In this video Natalie Adams from Smash Factor Golf Coaching looks at what it means is happening in your golf swing when you fall off balance in a particular direction and gives you a really simple and easy to follow drill to help you improve and get you hitting much better golf shots.

Why do i FALL OFF BALANCE after my golf shots??