Full Swing - how to hit golf shots further, How to bomb your driver

Hitting bigger drives is something every golfer would love to be able to do, so in this video Natalie Adams from Smash Factor Golf Coaching looks at the key elements of achieving maximum driver distance – centred strike, athletic posture, body rotation, good sequencing on down swing & speed. Watch this golf video tip to hit your farthest golf drives EVER!

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Part 2 of The Hanger series that will help you improve your golf back swing. With this video we look at how to achieve a great position at the top of the back swing, that will allow you to flatten the golf club during the down swing phase of the golf swing.

The Hanger Series Part 2 Top Of The Back Swing

If you can learn to move your left wrist like a golf professional, during the start of your down swing, then you will improve your golf ball strike and directional shot control, plus see yourself add a few extra yards to your golf shots. This video will help you discover exactly what to do, to move your left wrist more correctly.

Learn this left wrist move to STRIKE GOLF BALLS like a golf professional