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Full Swing - how to hit golf shots further, How to hit straighter golf shots, Stop your slice

If you are someone searching for an easy way to fix your over the top down swing move, then Natalie Adams from Smash Factor golf coaching has exactly that for you in this video. Fantastic feedback drill that you can do at home, or on the range, that will help you achieve an instant improvement and give you an environment where you can learn the feeling required for making the change in your down swing.

Video tags: #fix your slice #hit further #hit straighter #Over the top

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If you are someone looking to hit much more accurate golf shots then this drill will help you. Learn to swing your golf club from the inside and stop that out to in club path. Or if you swing too much from the in to out, then this drill will help you learn to have a more neutral club head path through impact so that you can hit much more accurate golf shots. This is a really easy drill to work on at the range, that will give you plenty of feedback for any corrections that are needed and help you make the necessary improvements to get a better golf swing, whether you swing out to in or in to out.

Swing from the inside, strike and then back on the inside, for ACCURATE golf shots

This golf lesson video tip will help you understand how to stop hitting fat golf shots. Fat golf shots just do not go anywhere. The energy and speed of the golf club head gets delivered into the ground before you hit the golf ball and a fat golf shot ensues and very little distance is gained. This golf video lesson tip helps you understand why this happens and helps you with how to never hit a fat golf shot again. Improve your golf shot strike and length and hit better golf shots after watching this video tip.

How to STOP hitting FAT golf shots