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If you are someone searching for an easy way to fix your over the top down swing move, then Natalie Adams from Smash Factor golf coaching has exactly that for you in this video. Fantastic feedback drill that you can do at home, or on the range, that will help you achieve an instant improvement and give you an environment where you can learn the feeling required for making the change in your down swing.

Video tags: #fix your slice #hit further #hit straighter #Over the top

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If you want to achieve maximum power and accuracy from your golf swing then it’s really important you are using your wrist correctly during your back swing to hit your best golf shots.

Is your wrist doing this during your backswing

This is the ultimate golf swing drill! You can use this simple to set up drill at the range to improve so many swing issues. It will help you stop an over the top move, stop you getting stuck on the inside, improve your rotation through impact and help reduce and eliminate early extension PLUS help you with your take away! So what are you waiting for, take a look!

ULTIMATE GOLF SWING DRILL – fix over the top, early extension and being stuck on the inside