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STRIKE CRISP IRONS off the turf every time

Full Swing - how to hit golf shots further, Full Swing - movement through impact, Improve your ball strike, Stop hitting fat golf shots

Hitting your golf iron shots crisply off the turf every time is something every golfer would love to achieve. In this golf tip video, Natalie Adams from Smash Factor golf coaching shows you a simple and straightforward feedback drill to get your iron strike improved, so you hit the golf ball first and then the turf second.

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Effortless power in your golf swing is achievable by every golfer provided you know how to do it. This video shows you exactly what on need to do with your pelvis and your shoulders to create a catapult effect with the club as you go through impact. This will increase your club speed by ensuring you accelerate your shoulders at the correct time as you swing through the strike. This will get you hitting longer golf shots as you time the sequence of your movement better.

EFFORTLESS POWER in your golf swing

Hitting a fat golf shot, or hitting the ground before you strike the golf ball, will reduce the distance that your golf shots travel and how far you can hit. Learn how to improve your strike and get better distance on your shots with this easy to follow video and great drill, that you can use to improve your ball striking and achieve longer and more consistent distance control.

Great drill to help you stop hitting fat golf shots