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ULTIMATE GOLF SWING DRILL – fix over the top, early extension and being stuck on the inside

Full Swing - down swing

This is the ultimate golf swing drill! You can use this simple to set up drill at the range to improve so many swing issues. It will help you stop an over the top move, stop you getting stuck on the inside, improve your rotation through impact and help reduce and eliminate early extension PLUS help you with your take away! So what are you waiting for, take a look!

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Hit your best golf irons – less out to in swing path. Hitting great iron shots from the fairway is vital for enjoyable golf, but most of us struggle to do this consistently. With this golf tip video, Natalie Adams from Smash Factor golf coaching shows you a simple but effective feedback drill that can be used at home, on the range or when practicing on the golf course, to help you improve and straighten up your swing direction through impact. Lose that out to in steep down swing and get striking crisper, longer and more consistent iron shots from the turf.

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