What 3 things can I do to LOWER MY GOLF SCORES without changing my swing?

Improve your golf game

Every golfer wants to play better golf and shoot lower scores. Most golfers only have time, or only want, to play golf and don’t really want to have to practice to get better. So with this video, Natalie Adams of Smash Factor Golf Coaching, shares her top 3 tips for how you can shoot lower golf scores without changing your swing technique, by using what you already have better!

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In this coaching video Natalie Adams of Smash Factor golf coaching helps you improve a very common trait for golfers – coming over the top during the downswing. Coming over the top will result in difficulty hitting straight golf shots and give strike and distance issues. In this video Natalie shows you how to improve your movement and the timing of your lower body turning compared to your upper body turning with a simple and effective golf practice drill.

STOP your OVER THE TOP golf swing

If you reverse pivot, or lean your upper body towards the target, on your back swing, this will cause you several problems during your down swing. You will be very dependant on your timing to strike the ball well and you will find it hard to be accurate and consistent with your golf shots. Here we look at the cause of a reverse pivot and how you can go about correcting it and improving your swing.

Correcting a reverse pivot back swing (stop leaning towards target)