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Full swing - back swing, Full Swing - down swing, Full Swing - how to hit golf shots further, Pressure & Ground force

If you are looking to play better golf, hit longer golf shots and improve your back swing, by generating a better rotation, or turn, in your body, then this is the perfect drill for you to work on. Here, Natalie Adams from Smash Factor golf coaching shows you a fantastic feel drill to get your body rotation improved in both your pelvis and torso, to give you a much big back swing movement that will help you to generate a more powerful golf swing and an increase in club head speed and shot distance.

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All the best golfers in the world have great rhythm and timing in their golf swings and none of them “rush” their back swing. Here’s the simplest drill to get you swinging with the correct rhythm and timing ratio, between the time that it takes you to swing the golf club back and the time it takes you to swing the golf club down to strike the ball at impact.

Correct rhythm & timing ratio between golf back swing and down swing

Starting from a great position gives you the opportunity to make a great golf swing. Learn the key points to improve your set up position and begin striking your irons much better.

Improve Your Set Up Position For Great Iron Strikes