Correct FOOTWORK PRESSURE to STOP HANGING BACK in your golf swing

Full swing - back swing, Full Swing - how to hit golf shots further, Pressure & Ground force

Getting the pressure moving effectively in your feet will produce not only great footwork but a great foundation from which to swing from. If you are some that struggles with this and ends up hanging back, then Natalie Adams from Smash Factor golf coaching will show you a simple, easy to follow, easy to implement training drill, that will get you moving through impact much better.

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This video gives you Natalie Adams’s top 3 moves for a better golf swing. If you are looking to make an overall improvement in your golf swing, then this video will show you how to rotate your body better, improve your pressure shift as you swing and get you releasing the club head through impact for not only a better golf swing, but improved ball strike, shot distance and shot accuracy.


If you want to hit the golf ball further, more accurately and more solidly then you want to work on your down swing being less steep, so that you can rotate your body more through impact. A steep down swing results in you using your arms far too much as you strike the golf ball, which reduces your power and club face control. Try this easy to set up drill to get your arms closer to your body on your down swing when you are next at the range, so that you shallow your down swing and make a better body turn and swing, through impact.

Best drill to shallow your golf down swing