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Full swing - back swing, Full Swing - down swing, Full Swing - how to hit golf shots further, Hit a draw, How to hit straighter golf shots, Stop your slice

This weeks video from Natalie Adams of Smash Factor golf coaching brings you a really simple and easy to follow feedback drill to get you hitting your best golf shots and making your best golf swing when you start hitting from the inside after following the drill. Hit further, straighter, more accurately, and purer golf shots and stop that over the top golf down swing move once and for all.

Video tags: #back swing #down swing #hit from the inside #hit further #power #rotation #strike pure

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Achieving the best possible posture & balance as you set up to make your golf swing will give you the best opportunity to make the best golf swing movement. This video looks at some check points to achieve to ensure that you have great posture to make your best golf swing from.

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A big reason that the majority of golfers need to improve their chipping is because they are playing a shot with a cub that is harder than it needs to be. Learn to play the easiest shot available to you and the easiest shot is the one that lands closest to you. Try developing a long running shot with your hybrid when face a long shot with no hazard in front of and you will be amazed at the results and how accurate you become.

Chip closer by using the most appropriate club