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Hit a draw, Improve your golf game, Play like a pro

HOW TO HIT THE PERFECT DRAW SHOT. Natalie Adams of Smash Factor golf coaching shows you a really simple way to set up correctly to promote a golf shot that starts on the right of the target and then curves in towards it, allowing you to hit that all elusive draw shot that so many golfers are striving to achieve.

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With this golf swing video tip, Natalie Adams from Smash Factor golf coaching helps you to stop scooping through impact and improve the compression you can achieve on the golf ball with a better wrist position, specifically in your trail hand. If you use your trail hand and lose the angle that you create in it too early in your down swing, then moving through impact and achieving a solid and centred strike becomes very difficult. So stop scooping through impact with this easy to follow drill and learn to improve your lead and trail wrist angles so that you lead through impact with your hands first and compress the golf ball for much better golf shots.

STOP SCOOPING through impact – GREAT training drill

If you hit the golf ball with a left to right flight and you want to get rid of your slice and straighten your golf shots up, maybe even hit a draw, then this is the perfect video for you. This video discusses my top 3 tips for getting rid of a slice, with simple, easy to follow drills that will get you improving immediately.

TOP 3 TIPS for getting rid of a SLICE golf shot