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Instant GOLF SWING FIX – too much in your toes???

Improve your ball strike, Improve your golf game, Pressure & Ground force

Instant GOLF SWING FIX – too much in your toes??? If you want to instantly improve your golf ball striking, then try this simple alteration as you swing. Natalie Adams from Smash Factor golf coaching genuinely shares with you the simplest swing improvement you will ever make and it really can be done instantly, with instant ball striking improvements as it improves your balance throughout your golf swing.

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Do you want to increase your power, clubhead speed, hit longer and be better connected??? YES YOU DO. In this video Natalie Adams of Smash Factor golf coaching shows you such a simple way of increasing width and improving body rotation during both your backswing and as you move through impact. All you need is to use a resistance band to learn the feeling and gain the improvement.


Blocked golf shots miss the target straight right. Hooks start right of target and then swing to much to the left and miss the target. Neither of these shots make it easy to score well when you are out on the golf course. Here’s an easy drill to work on to stop the club head getting stuck too much on the inside which causes both of these issues.

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