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With this Smash Factor golf coaching video tip and drill, Natalie Adams shows you a great exercise followed by a really simple and easy to follow drill that will stop you standing up during your golf down swing and help fix the early extension in your golf down swing. Early extension, or standing up out of your posture as you make your golf down swing, is a product of your golf swing being off plane and you being off balance. Too much pressure in your toes as you start your down swing will result in you having to make a corrective movement to stop you being off balance and falling over, hence you stand up, straight your spine, lose your posture and early extend. This makes it very difficult to make a great rotation movement with your pelvis and rib cage as you swing the golf club head through impact and results in golf shots that tend to miss the target to the right, due to the open club face that the standing up action produces. Strike will also be an issue as the early extension moves you away from the golf ball and upwards. A very common issue for golfers of all abilities but one that can be fixed once you understand the cause and have a simple, easy to follow golf drill to help correct it.

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